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Hi, This is Rafeun. I'm here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

Hi, this is Rafeun Islam Kourin, born on November 2, 1993, in Jamalpur District, Bangladesh. I am the eldest child of my parents.

After marriage, I graduated and post-graduated in law from a private university. I have wanted to be self-employed since childhood. After completing my studies, I worked in a call center for 5 months, then worked as a teacher for several days.

The time I spent with children as a teacher was the best time of my working life.

After having my child, I stopped working outside, but I had a dream to be self-employed. I run a home-based business, and the money I make from my hobby of baking and pastry making allows me to live comfortably.

Now I am using my skills and time to start a new journey in Digital marketing, which I can easily do from home. I want to be an inspiration to all women. I want to let all stay-at-home women know that apart from taking care of family and children, you can be self-reliant.

The inspiration for all my work is my husband, who always inspires me to be self-reliant, besides my parents. (Fatema Mehjabin ) is one of my close younger sisters, and she constantly supports and helps me. My dearest advisor and friend (Ibnul Karim Rupen) inspires me to push myself forward without stopping in any difficult situation. 

I am eternally grateful to these people, who have been such a big part of my life. I can only dream of walking on this path.

I want to be successful in my freelancing journey.

Founder & Head of BabyNest Nursery

As a mother, I thought to help other mothers to find the best products for their cutest babies.

So, I have created this website to help mothers which will also help me to connect with them.



 “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”

Agatha Christie
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mom is the maker of our existence, and she is the person who has empowered us to feel what precisely life is; she made us alive and has created excellencies inside us.